Twitter Advertising
Tweet Right and Watch Your Business Take Flight!

Twitter Advertising

King of Microblogging Services: A Mode to Engage with Customers

With over 465 million accounts and 175 million tweets per day, there is absolutely no reason why Twitter should not be a part of your online advertising strategy. It’s not only the large audience but researched results, such as over 30% of online marketers have generated leads through Twitter in 2011, that back Twitter as a successful platform for your online marketing needs. The experts at Global Web Venture will help enhance your brand image, increase your presence and help you generate new business through Twitter Advertising in a cost-effective manner.

What does Twitter Have for You and Your Business?

Twitter Advertising consists of mainly three prime features that will help boost your presence:

  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Trends

But along with them, Global Web Venture provides you with more value added services to amplify your business via Twitter.

Promoted Accounts

Global Web Venture will help you quickly develop a follower-base consisting of advocates and influencers for your brand. We will help build a follower-base that consists of engaged and active users who will share, retweet and amplify your message across Twitter and the World Wide Web. Our services will help get your account listed in the top search results of Twitter as well as on Twitter’s recommendation engine “Who To Follow

Promoted Tweets

Watch your marketing strategy take off, when your tweet is displayed all over as well as on the numerous mobile apps on mobile devices and that to at the right time, in the right place and to the right person. Your tweets will be displayed in the top search results as well as on the user’s timeline.¬† The best part is that you can increase the relevance of your message with the help of geographic targeting, wherein you will be able to target audience in a particular country. You can also target your message according to the platform of the end user, e.g. send specific messages across iOS, Android, BlackBerry and

We help create relevant, interesting and engaging tweets that users won’t only read but also pass on to others in their social circle.

Promoted Trends

Twitter now hosts it own platform of viral conversations that address the hottest topics or latest trends. These trends are featured prominently next to the users’ timeline. The experienced Twitter experts, at Global Web Venture, will help drive conversations and create interest around your brand, products and services amongst your existing customers as well as potential and interested customers.
The reason for Promoted Trends success is that it helps you interact with your customers on a one-on- one basis and gives them an opportunity to discover, participate in and share something about your brand.

The best part about the above three features is that they are priced at a Cost-per-Engagement (CPE) basis, so you will only  pay when someone retweets, replies, clicks, adds to favourites, becomes your follower, etc. In addition, the impressions created by retweet and shares are free, so your reach can be limitless but the cost within your budget.

Along with these, Global Web Venture will provide you with an Enhanced Profile Page that will be visually appealing to audience as well as content engaging. We will also do the analytics of the above features and give you up-to-date results on what is working and what needs a little tweaking.

Blast off to new heights, create a wider online presence and reach your business goals with Twitter Advertising! Contact Us Now!