Facebook Advertising
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Facebook Advertising

Reach Targeted Customers While Developing Relationships

Social Media helped create a whole new wave in Internet Marketing. Within the last decade, numerous successful social media sites have come into existence, the likes of Twitter, Orkut, MySpace, etc.  The most successful and the most utilized of these social media sites is Facebook, with over 900 million user base till date, and that number is growing by thousands every minute.  Even recent studies have concluded that more people use Facebook and stay active on it for a longer duration than on any search engine. Global Web Venture knows the power and viral nature of Facebook and how to utilise it to create an added advantage to your online business with the help of Facebook Advertising. Our cost-effective solutions will not only help you reach numerous potential customers but at the same time help you develop a stronger relationship with your existing customers and followers.

Why Facebook is not your Normal PPC Campaign?

The experts at Global Web Venture know the difference between Facebook advertising and a PPC campaign on search engines. Whereas the latter puts emphasis on keywords, the former puts emphasis on fan base. People do not use Facebook for searching purposes, so the theory of popular keywords goes out the window. Facebook advertising involves a more customised and personalised touch to engage existing customers and help bring in new ones. On Facebook, one gets the opportunity to interact with potential customers on a more personal level and thereby build a long lasting relationship.

How Global Web Venture can Manage your Facebook Advertising Campaign?

The experienced professionals at Global Web Venture have created numerous successful Facebook Advertising campaigns and their next one could be yours.

1) Creating your Facebook Page:

We create a Facebook page for your brand and business, in order to initiate your presence on this social media platform.  We help customize this page to get maximum interaction with your existing customers as well as with new potential ones. Your existing customers become your fan and then by likes, comments and shares, they become advocates of your brand in no time.

2) Deciding on how and to Whom:

Now, we have already got the ball rolling by inviting your existing customers and followers, but to increase your presence we have to go for Facebook advertising.  What type of ads, where should it lead your customers, what should it say and display, etc. is our duty. Our professionals will help find the most eye-catching images and engaging content to make sure people will just itch to click on your ads.
Then, we research your business and help you target the right people. There are numerous ways to target your ads by:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Work
  • Education
  • Age
  • Relationship Status
  • Birthday
  • Likes and Interests
  • Subscribers, connections, etc

3) Managing your Campaign and Your Budget

We don’t relax after a little success; our aim is to get you the maximum returns from minimum investments. That is why we test different ads with different targets and see the results; the ones which succeed will expand while the ones that don’t reach their potential are modified and refined further.

All this is done while keeping a check on your allocated budget. You will decide on how much you spend per day, per week, per month and even per year on these ads.  You will only pay when your ads get clicked.

Thus, Global Web Venture provides the entire packaged solution to your Facebook Advertising needs.

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