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Google Adwords

The Most Sought-After Paid Advertising Medium Online: Google Adwords

The most popular name on the World Wide Web is of the search engine giant GOOGLE. Over 80% of the 2.1 billion + internet users worldwide make use of Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Social Network, etc in one way or another and that to on a daily basis. So, it’s only logical that if you have a website and an online business that you advertise the same through the use of Google Adwords. Global Web Venture can help you in this endeavour by making use of our expertise knowledge of Google Adwords services and our immense experience in PPC campaign management.

It is said that correct knowledge applied is Power and the experienced and expert professionals at Global Web Venture ensure to power your website to more hits, greater traffic, higher conversions and ultimately increase in profits with the help of a well researched Google Adwords campaign. Firstly, we help set up your account on Google Adwords. Then, after engaging with you, we help define your potential customers that would like to see your ads and thereby determining your ads’ reach. Google Adwords helps you reach local, regional, national and international audience.  Our in-depth analysis will help you select the perfect locations and even different languages to use while posting your ads. Thereafter, we dig deeper and help find the most searched and popular keywords amongst your potential customers. Selection of keywords is utmost importance as it will help decide on which search engine result pages (SERPs) your ad will appear. Our services will ensure that you get the highest rank on the SERPs, thereby resulting in more targeted audience.

  • Click-through analysis
  • Historical performance
  • Ad Relevancy
  • Cost and budget analysis
  • Landing page analysis
  • Relevancy factor analysis
  • Keyword Relevancy
  • Conversion Rate analysis
  • And many other features to get you results at the lowest price

Global Web Venture: Our Unique Approach to Google Adwords

Our work does not end with the successful start-up of your PPC campaign, in fact it begins thereafter. We will also help you maintain it and that too in the most cost-effective way possible.  Our services are inclusive of the following features:

Benefits of Global Web Venture Services
  • Better targeted keywords and instant, interested traffic
  • Decrease in click costs
  • Highlighting your product/service with attractive and informative Ad copy
  • Track your campaign at all times and every stage
  • Increasing your Ad effectiveness
  • Increase in conversions and leads
  • Lower your cost and increase your ROI
  • Consultancy, support, help and advice at every step of the way
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