Bing Advertising
Creating an online Bang with the help of Bing!

Bing Advertising

Reducing your CPC and increasing your ROI: Bing Advertising

Bing, formerly known as MSN search, has been in the search engine market since 2006. Although, Google is the leader in search engine marketing, but the Microsoft Search Alliance between Bing and Yahoo! has made a large impact and is quickly gaining grounds on their competition. Global Web Venture provides you all the services and value addition required to start your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign on Bing. Our services will be including but not exclusive to:

  • Opening your Bing advertising account.
  • Researching Keywords for your Ads.
  • Creating appealing Ads.
  • Bidding for the proper keywords.
  • Getting your ads on the first page of Bing Search Results.
  • Maintaining your expenditure whereby cost is reduced to minimum and returns are made maximum.
  • Managing your Ad campaign by keeping successful ads and modifying the underperforming ones to make them more successful.
  • Customer support services every step of the way.

Why Bing Advertising is a Lucrative as well as Smart Option for Your Online Business?

Increase in Search Traffic

With approximately 30% of the search engine market in the hands of Microsoft Search Alliance and numerous more joining every day, Bing is the apt choice for your ads. This along with the improvements added to the Bing Platform has made it a considerable option for advertising.

Better Customer Support

As the numbers of customers are less, Bing is able to provide excellent customer support services to its clients. That is why Bing even admits that they are targeting small advertisers.

Lower Bid Prices, Decrease in Cost per Click (CPC)

The increased number of advertisers on Google has lead to market saturation on Adwords. Their exists intense bidding between companies for popular keywords. As the competition is much less for Bing, one can easily get lower bid prices.

One may put forward the argument that less people will see their ads on Bing. However, another side of this argument is that since you will pay less per click, you have a better chance of getting leads and conversions at low cost and this will help improve your ROI.

Many organizations have in fact done their testing of ads on Google. After successful response, they took those ads to Bing and witnessed their cost per conversion go down and ROI shoot up. Interestingly, Bing even encourages this with easy import of Google campaign to Bing.

Greater Ad Flexibility on Bing

Google Adwords has a 25 character title limit whereas this limit for Bing and Yahoo! is 40. 15 additional characters translates to 15 ways to ‘woo’ more customers.

Also you are able to run your ads on any specific days of the week or during certain times of the day, thus Wacky Wednesday and Freaky Friday offers can be given along with Happy Hour Special Sales.

The Need of the hour is Diversification. Direct your online ad campaign to new customers with the help of Bing. Contact Us Now!