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900 Million Users and Counting – Facebook Offers a Great Opportunity to Sell Your Brand to Them!

Facebook Marketing

Maximize your reach through Facebook

The age old theories of marketing and promotional activities all took a hike with the introduction of social media on the World Wide Web. Just imagine a platform where you can talk to your customers on a personal level, understand their needs and requirement, know their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your product/service, engage with them, interact and involve them knowingly or unknowingly in your promotional strategy and at the same time reach millions just like them. That's the power of social media! When we talk about social media, the one site that comes to everyone's mind is FACEBOOK, with over 900 million user accounts and still counting.

We, at Global Web Venture, have followed the journey of Facebook and its rise to becoming the number one social media network that has spread across the globe and into the homes of nearly a billion people. It is the only site that can make even Google jealous. That is why your company, business and/or movement needs Facebook marketing to reap the countless benefits it has to offer to you and your customers. Our service can help get you noticed as well as talked about on Facebook, increase your popularity as well as brand name along with your bottom line. But the most important aspect that we help deliver is that we help you build a cordial relationship with your customers.

Our services take care of all aspects of Facebook marketing in order to help you grow and reach new heights that even you couldn’t imagine was possible.

  • Creating your business page/ profile page.
  • Selecting the perfect profile picture that represents you and your work and at the same time attracts customers.
  • Managing your wall/Timeline (This includes your status updates, posts, photos/videos uploaded, etc.). All activities are done to engage with your clientele and get them to like/share thereby spreading your business to new customers, regions and even countries.
  • Creating Groups, Fan Pages and Events to help build trust and relation with your customers, allowing you a chance to get to know them and vice versa.
  • Creating Facebook Apps, Facebook Ads, customised landing pages, Facebook connect API, etc. to ensure that no stone is unturned in getting you connected.
Recent Research shows that people are spending more time Facebooking than Googling!!

Being part of the web design industry, we know that happy visitors make very happy and loyal customers, and this is why we build websites that cater to the distinguished needs of your prospects. Our professional and experienced website design experts have assisted several of our clients with websites that enable them to accomplish their individual goals through sales generation and customer satisfaction. We implement the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 to design websites that are innovative and one of their kinds.

If you entrust your web design project to us, we guarantee you results in the form of greater online visibility, attractive and engaging website, greater sales leads, happy users/customers and higher revenue.

  • 900+ million monthly users
  • 3.2 billion likes/comments everyday
  • 300 million photo uploaded per day
  • 125 millions friendships built daily

Facebook is here to stay, so what about you and your company? Contact Us Now!