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Linkedin Marketing

It’s about making new business connections

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are definitely the largest and most used social media sites on the World Wide Web. They have revolutionized the world of marketing, by putting the old outbound (unidirectional) marketing techniques like TV, periodicals and radio on the backseat and introducing the new inbound (interactive, two-way) marketing phenomenon. But one social media website that stands apart from all others and has the maximum potential to generate business is LinkedIn. The main reason why LinkedIn is different is because it consists of more influential, esteemed and knowledgeable audience i.e. active business professionals.

LinkedIn consists of the world’s largest professional audience with over 150 million registered members and a new one being added every second. It is considered the most valid and creditable way to connect with experts, decision makers and business executives in order to generate smart leads and convert them to sales. LinkedIn lets you gain valuable insights about your customers, potential clients as well as your competitors and using this information you can create a customised sales pitch and attain better success than you would from the regular cold calling and emailing.

Experts at Global Web Venture use their experience and knowledge to get you and your business noticed on LinkedIn. They follow a simple yet effective three step model that ensures you quality leads and greater presence online.

Create Extend Maintain

1. Create:

Firstly, we help you create a LinkedIn profile or make the most of your existing profile by adding valuable SEO components into it. In order to get the right leads and make your mark on LinkedIn:

  • Use relevant and important keywords in your profile description
  • Create hyperlinks using keywords
  • Include an image that shows what your business is about but at the same time attracts users
  • Using witty and catchy captions
  • Upgrade with Premium Account Services giving you extended services and better results:
    • Save Searches: Gives you alert every time a new person matches your search
    • Profile organizer: helps you organize the people you meet, and how they can help you in your business.
    • Who viewed your profile: Find out potential customers that might be interested and connect with them
    • Premium Badge: This helps show the authenticity of your company and helps develop trust amongst the users

2. Extend:

Now that your profile is ready, it is time to extend your network. We start with your customers, who are extremely satisfied with your product/services. We get them to write recommendations on your profile that will help create a good word-of-mouth for you on LinkedIn.
We help create groups that would include people who are interested to know more about you and we join those groups which will help generate smarter leads for you. Extensive research is done to get you the best results.

We create targeted display ads like polls, content, social ads to establish your presence at the right place amongst the right people.

3. Maintain:

We keep a track of what your customers think and are saying about you, both positive and negative. Help you provide better services and enhanced products to make the best even better or to change the dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one.

Our research and techniques helps give you the edge over your competitors by gaining valuable insights on your audience through the various polls, questions and answers, service requests, business requests, etc.

We maintain your campaigns and ensure that all details of new leads are forwarded to you. We also keep updating your profile and increasing your exposure through new connections.

The above three step though sounding simple require lots of efforts that we, at Global Web Venture, put in to get you on the top and help your business grow.

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