Mobile Applications Development
Apps that will put you on the Map!

Mobile Applications Development

Mobile Mode of Communication that Allows You to Interact and Connect with Your Target Audience

The phenomenal growth of the smartphone and the rapid development of mobile and internet technology has opened up a brand new opportunity to reach your esteemed customers and entice others to join you. Numerous useful mobile applications (apps) have been developed to engage, entertain, inform and educate the numerous users worldwide. Research suggests that over 18% of the entire world population possess some sort of smartphone device, so the question we ask you is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  The team at Global Web Venture are experts in creating mobile apps for all the major platforms and thereby helping you leverage this new mode of communication for your business growth and success.

How Global Web Venture develops the perfect mobile apps for you?

The professional apps developers at Global Web Venture follow the Application Development Lifecycle (ADLC), wherein equal efforts, dedication and perseverance is put into every stage and at every step to ensure that we deliver an app that does wonders for your business.

  • Analysis: Research on recent trends and usage patterns
  • Planning: Proper organization of what to include and how to execute it perfectly
  • Design: Engaging, creative designs that will hook your customers
  • Development: Easy to develop, Easier to use; User-friendly apps
  • Testing: Proper pilot studies to ensure no technical or functional issues
  • Delivery and Post deployment Support : Maintaining and upgrading with changing technology

Using this methodological approach, we enable you to connect with the leading smartphone platforms as well as the most popular social media site today.  Global Web Venture provides the following services in mobile application development:

  • Android Apps Development
  • Iphone Apps Development
  • Facebook Apps Development

Android and Iphone combine to form over 75% of the global smartphone market, while Facebook has over 900 million registered users; making them the absolute right choice for your business application and Global Web Venture your go to consultant for a  successful mobile campaign.

The small-sized mobile smartphones are the next big thing in Marketing. Grab the opportunity now, Contact Us ASAP!