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Consumers read the newspaper, watch TV and listen to the radio, but they PARTICIPATE and ENGAGE in an online Community

Community Building

If You Build It, They Will Come!!!

Consumers read the newspaper, watch TV and listen to the radio, but they PARTICIPATE and ENGAGE in an online Community.

Not only has social media allowed consumers to stay in touch with their friends and family, make professional connections, express their thoughts and display their art but it has also empowered them to learn about different products and services and share their opinions, preferences and experiences. This empowerment has been made possible through the creation of online communities.

A community is a group of like-minded individuals sharing a common interest or passion. An online community can take the form of a discussion forum, website, blog, webinar, etc. wherein individuals ask for assistance in certain areas, more information about a product or service, share their experiences with a particular brand and much more. We, at Global Web Venture, don’t consider community building as a source of revenue or lead generation only, but more of as a growth strategy that can lead to a better brand image, customer loyalty and a competitive advantage. Our expert professionals help build a portal whereby you can solve their problems, assist them in troubleshooting, provide relevant and useful information and provide a platform where your best customers can publicly appreciate and acknowledge your products/services. This type of authentic help and real conversations via communities help build relationships with customers and prospects, while at the same time helps develop better trust and credibility of your organization. But by far the biggest advantage of online communities is it creates good W.O.M, (word of mouth or we can even say word of mouse). Recommendations and experiences, when coming from real people and trusted individuals, help create a better impact on a prospect consumer than any other mode of promotion or marketing.

Our community building services provide immense benefits to your organization such as:

  • Differentiate from the other traditional methods and create a unique approach
  • Providing a mode of two-way conversations between you and your customers
  • Encourage word-of-mouth
  • Helps build relationships, trust and credibility
  • Enhances customer loyalty
  • Converts your customer support endeavour into a competitive advantage
  • A mode for prospects to find your company, its products and services
  • Helps cultivate new contacts by taping existing customers and encouraging more to join
  • Helps build one’s brand image

Ultimately, all the above benefits will result in increase in leads, more sales and better profits for one’s organization.

Bringing Suspects, Converting into Prospects, Make them Customers that become your advocates!
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