The most hyped myths you should know about social media


Nobody can ignore the power of social media today. To a large extent, it has changed the way marketing was meant and understood. But at the same time there are so many plus and minus points deeply associated with social media. Among them, myths score very heavily over the advantages. Here are some most hyped myths about social media everybody should know.


1- What social media does is just a waste of time

The very first myth about social media is that it wastes a huge amount of time. The truth is that it connects a large number of people very quickly and enables you to get in touch with all of them effortlessly. There is no other source available than social media which prompts you so fast that’s why it saves your time as well as energy.

2- Not beneficial at all for small business owners

Be it the big business or small, social media plays an unfailing role for both. It has been found particularly effective in case of small businesses. Actually social networks target a large amount of communities to which the people of all castes, creed and status are deeply associated. When you make efforts to get the attention of 100 people even randomly, simply 40 to 60 people will surely take interest in your stuff.

3- It does not hit the bottom line

Another rubbish notion about social media is that it does not hit the bottom line. While the truth is that it surely does. Generally it is noticed that people go for buying things on the basis of their knowledge which they get from their friends and relatives or the knowledge which they acquire from the internet. The recent surveys show that more than 65% youth prefer purchasing things after doing a great deal of research on internet. That means they go online where you are already present with your products and services.

4- All strategies fail in capturing the attention of visitors

This type of thinking or approach may be right only when the efforts from your side are not capable to fulfill the expectations of the visitors. You have to be very specific while making your strategies. You have to make efforts keeping in mind your target audience. You have to keep pace with times. Adopt latest technology and follow latest trends in the world of online marketing promotions.

5-  It’s full of complications and consumes a lot of quality time

It may happen only in case when your focus is not on creating quality interaction with your customers. Compelling social media presence is highly necessary and it can be built only on the basis of meaningful interaction with customers. It does not mean that you have to tweet them 50 times a day. It simply means that you have to have a deep peep into their interests and likings. Just review the feedback and be highly crisp in the feedback. Do not do a lot but just do it with a sense of simplicity and meaningfulness and encash the opportunities.



 This way the gist of the topic is that no one can remain untouched by the effects of social media. Be it the business on large scale or the small, social media has become a necessity for all. It’s fully capable to bring miraculous improvement in your bottom line if it is executed or done in a well-planned manner. There are so many examples in the cyber world where various products have made their mark on the web in establishing their brand value. Everything just depends upon how intelligently you use this media to give a gigantic boost to your business.


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Written by Sarah Declan

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